Monday, 26 June 2017

Just a reminder that the closing date for the Jacqueline Wilson letter writing competition is Friday. If you would like to enter please hand your letter to be by the end of the school day. There are some amazing prizes to win. Make sure you include your name and class.


Friday, 9 June 2017

I would like to announce an exciting competition that I am running in the Library along with First News and Jacqueline Wilson. I would like you to write a formal letter to someone who lives far away, it can be a family member, friend or a made up person it dosen't matter. However you must not include any text words such as M8's or emojis. Your letter can be printed or hand written and a maximum of 750 words. Winners will be chosen and receive a book as their prize then their letters will be entered into a national competition. If you win that competition as well the amazing prize is a chance to meet Jacquelin Wilson herself. Your letter will also be included in one of her next stories and you will receive a whole host of books for yourself and the school. Hand to me by 30th June, which is the closing date. Remember to include you name and class on your entry. A display of the letters will be created in the library area for everyone to see.

For further information go to:

       Tab: kids stuff
       Tab:funstuff/things to do and see.

I'm looking forward to reading your letters. Good luck.

Mrs Martin