Tom Palmer

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Tom Palmer is the author of over 45 books for children, the majoirty of which are sport themed, mainly football. In fact it was reading about football that changed his life. He wasn't a very enthusiastic reader when he was young as he found it very difficult. His Mum encouraged him to read newspaper articles, magazines and books about football, gradually he began to love reading as he wanted to find out more about his favourite sport. He went to night school to enrol on A Level courses when he was 21, 5 years after most of his friends, and began a degree course in European Literature when he was 24. He had several jobs before becoming an author including milkman, warehouse worker, book salesman, librarian and audiologist for The Royal Institute for the Blind. Whilst he was working he wrote various books and was fortunate to have a football story printed by Puffin Books. Since then he hasn't looked back and still continues to wirte, promote reading for pleasure and visit schools to enourage children to read. When Tom is not writing he loves to travel to different countries to have many experiences that he can hopefully include in his stories. When he has time he loves to run especially fell running near where he lives.

Tom has a fantastic website full of lots of great information, fun activities and free reads, take a look when you have spare time.