Aquila and First News

Friday, 6 February 2015

Aquila is a monthly magazine for children and is available for you to read in the Library.

What’s in AQUILA?

• Articles, word puzzles, fun maths, games and general knowledge
• Science facts, space and the world around us
• Art ideas and things to make
• A taste of sport, history, philosophy and language.

The February edition is all about horses and features articles including
  • A Day in the Life of A Show- Jumper
  • How to Make A Wing-Flapping Pegasus Mobile
  • The Evolution of The Horse
  • A Short Story

 First News is a weekly newspaper for children and young people and is also available to read in the Library. A copy is given to Year 5 and Year 6.

What's in First News?
  • The latest stories about world and home affairs
  •  The environment, sports.
  •  Entertainment and puzzles.