Animal Agents

Monday, 17 July 2017

As the school year comes to an end please bear in mind that children can take part in the summer reading challenge which is being held in all libraries across the borough. This year's theme is 'whodunnit'. A crime has been committed in the library, there are various suspects and the animal detectives have been called to solve it. As children read six books, of their choice, and collect stickers the culprit will become clear to them. Each child that completes the challenge will receive a gold medal and a certificate in the autumn term.
Havering had the highest completion rate of all london boroughs in 2016 at a very impressive 79%. Hopefully we will be able to continue this success and committment to reading.
This is a fun, free activity for children to take part in during the school holiday and also helps to keep up their reading ready for their return in September.
For more information use the internet and type in the search bar

Mrs Martin